Carrot Soda


I voided the warranty on my Sodastream today by farting up some carrot juice.

The internet says that the juice has to be at very least translucent in order to carbonate, and the internet was right! It took upwards of ten button pushes for any bubbles to appear in the opaque carrot juice, even after I cut it with water.

A cherry vanilla soda that my friend Micah came up with fared much better.

I may soon invest in a DIY carbonation rig like this.

Seaweed Roasted Root Vegetables


I tossed some carrots and potatoes in salt and sesame oil and roasted them in a pouch made of layers of laver. After about 40 minutes, I crushed the pouch, releasing a small puff of steam and crumbling the seaweed over the just barely tender vegetables. They’d go very well with any soy marinated meats.

April 12 2014 Dinner Party – Yay Chains!

Our goal with April’s dinner was to do some creative spins on suburban chain restaurant dishes. The kitschy meal led up to a family style course of bourbon glazed baby back ribs, which had slow cooked in the the water bath for a full 24 hours. Some things were more successful (pickle powder popocorn, banana bread pudding), while others were complicated and weird (loaded potato skins). Read More for the full menu…… 

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Dehydrated Strawberries


We went strawberry picking for Nicole’s birthday and brought home six quarts of berries. The strawberries from Golden Earthworm Farm in Long Island aren’t quite as sweet as the berries we got to taste when we visited the Santa Monica farmer’s market, but they are still miles better than the Driscoll berries from the deli.

Some of the berries became jam, others strawberry lemonade concentrate, and the rest were dehydrated into these tart gummy fruit snacks that I’ve been eating with my cereal.