November 9 2011 – Fall Feast


Thanks to everyone for coming to dinner last Saturday. We’re pretty pumped that the cool weather has given us an excuse to make comfort foods like braised meats and creamy vegetable gratins. Paul also seems to have perfected a donut recipe…and all those tester donuts that were in the kitchen last week brought us officially into the holiday season of eating heavy but delicious things.


Special thanks to Julia for her kitchen skills and to the Natural Wine Company for the wine pairings. It was so great to see you all and hope to celebrate again soon.


Spiced Apple Cider



Donuts with apple cider glaze, sage custard


Homemade Bread + Cheese

ricotta, focaccia, fennel slaw, fried apple

San Giovanni Brut Prosecco


Fall Vegetable Gratin

cauliflower, butternut squash, greens, gorgonzola, gruyere

Opera Lambrusco di Modena Secco


Chicken with Tomato + Whey

braised chicken breast, collard grens, polenta, bacon fat potatoes

Vignetti Massa Sentieri Barbera


Floating Islands

creme anglaise, chocolate crumb, mugolio syrup

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