May 19th 2012 – Southeast Asian

Spicy Cocktail: Bulldog Gin, Cointreau, cucumber, cilantro, lime, thai chili
Duck Skin Chips

Czechvar Lager, Carton BDG Country Ale
Korean Fried Chicken
ginger soy glaze, pickled daikon
Pomelo Salad
pork wonton, mizuno, cashew, pea shoots, herbs
Duck Pho
duck confit + pastrami, rice noodles, tatsoi
Thai Vegetable Curry
panang curry paste, coconut milk, asparagus, cauliflower, potato, green bean
Vietnamese Coffee
“Ca Phe Trung” – egg coffee, sweetened condensed milk
Mung Bean Donuts
“Banh Cam” with glutinous rice flour and sesame seeds, strawberries, strawberry sauce

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