A Stranger’s Kitchen


Nicole and I are staying in an AirBnB in the Catskills for a few days to escape the gross heat and humidity of NYC while she works on a few videos. I love searching through the kitchens of airbnb’s and finding the barely used/half used ingredients that guests buy for their vacation feasts and leave behind- a can of tonnino tuna, a fancy tube of harrisa paste, and several bags of marshmallows are just a few of the gems we’ve found here.

This house has a policy that everything in the kitchen is fair game so for one of our first meals, I cooked one of the several open bags of pasta from the pantry and added it into some old frozen chicken soup that we brought up from Brooklyn.

Normally it’d be unthinkable to have a hot bowl of soup in July, but up here in the Catskills, it’s pretty cool out by the time we have dinner.

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